The Story of Three Clicks

According to his own account, Harry Allen Smith, a famous journalist and humorist in the thirties was the first American to legally consume alcohol after the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment. He claimed to have bribed a telegraph operator to send a “three-click” advance warning just before sending out the message that Prohibition had been repealed.  With this notice, he was able to take the first legal drink after the repeal.  We honor the ingenuity of that very first legal drink with this bottle of wine.

How We Started

In the beginning we were both eager students studying viticulture and enology.  We met in a viticulture class and fell in love.  We graduated with Bachelors degrees, and then we traveled together to France, Germany, and Australia to learn how to make the finest quality wine around the world.  After a year abroad we both started our winemaking careers at two of the finest wineries in the Napa Valley.  Nearly ten years later, we decided to start our own venture together making Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Sirah, and this was the start of Three Clicks wines.

Our Winemaking Philosophy

Three Clicks wines is a collaboration of two winemakers, whose vision and philosophy about wine are simple.  We want to make the best quality wine from premium vineyard sources in the Napa Valley.   The vineyards were selected for their unique micro climates, soil structure, and combination of rootstocks and clones.  The wines made from these grapes are an expression of our diverse experience and years of devotion to wine and winemaking.  Ultimately our wines are made for us, the kind of wine two winemakers prefer to drink.  We are fortunate enough to be able to produce wines that we like, and then share them with you.

Screw Cap Closures

Three Clicks Wines are bottled exclusively in screw cap closures to ensure that every bottle of Three Clicks wine you drink is the way we intended.  We work hard to get the wine into the bottle, and to have it spoiled by a cork, is a chance we are not willing to take.  We are purist winemakers, and believe in letting the grapes dictate the wine in a very traditional manner, and would not have this spoiled by something as cosmetic as a closure.  Thus we deem we are “giving tradition a new twist”.

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Three Clicks Wines PO Box 2730, Yountville CA 94599 tel. 707.224.3566 fax. 707.237.2311